Roger Ailes (Rob Kim/Getty Images) Fox News chief Roger Ailes (Rob Kim/Getty Images)

In light of a certain unconfirmed report zipping around the Internet today, the Erik Wemple Blog takes this opportunity to — yet again — issue a plea to the good folks at Fox News: Please bump Sean Hannity from his choice 9 p.m. slot on the Fox News lineup and place Megyn Kelly in his stead.


1) Hannity is predictable: Just turn on conservative talk radio, and you can get pretty much the same product.

2) Hannity is tendentious and occasionally downright mean.

3) Hannity is famous for opening his show to theories and suppositions that later succumb to debunking through fact-checking.

4) Kelly is none of the above, though she anchors with skepticism toward liberal America, the sine qua non of Fox News programming. Ever since the network announced that Kelly would accede to prime time following her current maternity leave, TV wags have been speculating on just where she might fit, considering that other prime timers — Bill O’Reilly, Hannity and Greta Van Susteren — are locked down in contracts. Perhaps she could co-anchor with some other prominent talent?

Don’t even consider it. Bump Hannity. Put Kelly in at 9 p.m.