For those who formerly tuned in on Sunday mornings at 11 a.m. to watch Howard Kurtz discuss the media on CNN, there’s good news: He’ll be doing essentially the same thing at the same hour in his new post at Fox News. A release on the new Fox News show, titled “Media Buzz,” includes this description, which sounds exactly like his former show, CNN’s “Reliable Sources”:

“The one-hour show will focus on the state of the news media in addition to the media’s shaping of current events and their role in politics while also featuring interviews with leading journalists and commentators.”

The head-to-head scheduling is a tough break for those 17 Americans who have an appetite for two hours of media-crit-related cable talk-show fare. There’s always web clips and DVR, of course.

Kurtz’s show debuts on Sept. 8, so there’ll be nothing substantive to judge until then. On the un-substantive front, however, the Erik Wemple Blog seizes this opportunity to trash the show’s title. “Media Buzz” is the lowest of the pendant fruit when it comes to naming a television program. That’s the riff that someone mentions at the very start of a group creative session on the program’s name, and it’s the one that makes everyone wince and pull together for something better. Yet somehow it managed to eke its way into the press release. The network’s longtime media-crit session, “Fox News Watch,” now looks like a feat of programmatic titling.

*Correction: Original headline called show “News Buzz,” instead of “Media Buzz.”