Baldwin, with Tina Fey (Ali Goldstein / The Associated Press)

This just in from MSNBC: Actor Alec Baldwin is joining the network’s lineup, hosting a Friday night show titled “Up Late w/ Alec Baldwin.” It’ll air from 10-11 p.m. ET.

According to an MSNBC report, the show will by modeled after the podcast — “Here’s the Thing” — that Baldwin has done on WNYC. In his canned statement about the launch of his MSNBC thing, Baldwin said this: “After two seasons of my WNYC podcast, I’ve developed a fondness for hosting a show that involved talking with smart, talented, and engaging people in every imaginable field. I’m grateful to MSNBC for helping me bring a similar show to television.”

And since these announcements are never complete without a parallel statement from some boss, here’s MSNBC President Phil Griffin: “I’ve been talking with Alec for a while and can’t wait to bring his personality and eclectic interests to MSNBC. He’s got such passion for ideas and what’s going on in the world–he’s going to be a great addition to our line-up.”

If so, why hide the guy in a late Friday night slot?

Baldwin’s volcanic verbal history — not to mention his hostility toward the paparazzi — has already set Twitter afire with reaction: