FRED TANNEAU / Getty Images (Fred Tanneau / Getty Images)

This story on is almost unabridgably idiotic. To the extent that it has a point, this is it:

FOX Business’s Katie Roof asked Twitter spokeswoman Carolyn Penner in an email if anyone at the company can “chat with me about IPO rumors.”
Penner’s response, was a simple, but interesting: “…”
According to the Urban Dictionary a “…”, also known as an ellipses, can be interpreted “to indicate the omission or suppression of a word or phrase. The ellipses also “usually indicates a pause or silence.”

In other words, no conclusion may be drawn. Unless you’re Here’s how the piece attempts to interpret the “development”: “But several people surveyed on Twitter about Twitter’s response said Penner may have inadvertently confirmed the IPO plans since in the past Twitter has often refused to respond to questions about it.”

There you have it: is using “several people surveyed on Twitter” for evidentiary support on a key financial scoop.

(h/t @DylanByers)