Earlier this year, Daily Beast publishing eminence Tina Brown parted ways with Washington bureau chief Howard Kurtz after he wrote an inaccurate story about the coming-out of gay NBA basketball player Jason Collins. Kurtz alleged that Collins had left a key detail out of the Sports Illustrated story that he’d co-written with Franz Lidz — namely, that he didn’t disclose that he’d been engaged to be married to a woman. In fact, Collins disclosed this detail.

So Kurtz failed to read carefully, and paid the price. Months later, after Kurtz tweeted out a story critical of Brown, she even chided him on Twitter, writing, “Hey @HowardKurtz am I forgetting something or didn’t I fire you for serial inaccuracy? Shurely shome mishtake as British hacks like to say..”

That was a bit of classlessness that simply wasn’t going to go unpunished. And now the journalism gods have spoken, via a correction that is available on NPR. It convicts Brown of the same offense — insufficiently careful reading — that got Kurtz in trouble. The correction is from NPR’s Renee Montagne:

In my conversation with Tina Brown yesterday, we discussed a New York Times Magazine cover story co-written by journalist Amanda Lindhout, who was kidnapped in Somalia and held for ransom for 15 months. Tina Brown told us that Lindhout gave birth as a result of being raped while in captivity. According to Lindhout herself, it is not true that she had a child. She dispels the rumor in writing about her experiences in captivity in her book, “A House in the Sky.”

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