Fox News host Bill O’Reilly has been following the Syria story quite closely. Closely enough, that is, to have determined that President Obama has mishandled the situation so as to cause himself future political harm. From O’Reilly’s presentation on last night’s show:

There is no way Barack Obama comes out of this unscathed. Sen. [Harry] Reid can spin all day long, but most Americans know the president has bungled the Syria situation and foreign policy in general. There is a good chance he will never recover from this no matter what happens.

Grim political punditry from O’Reilly regarding Obama: Does that have a familiar ring?

It does, as memorialized in O’Reilly’s 2010 book “Pinheads and Patriots: Where You Stand in the Age of Obama.” That mishmash of O’Reilly’s cogitations likewise predicted doom, stemming from various alleged political missteps by the president early in his first term. Have a look at some highlights:

Page 24: “Along with national health care (which illegal aliens will receive, you watch), the immigration issue could wind up badly damaging Mr. Obama’s political future.”

Page 24: “In addition to having their ideology and hypothetical wish lists tested, all Presidents have to contend with the problem-solving factor. And it is here that Barack Obama took a terrible beating in the spring of 2010 — a hammering that might limit him to one term in office.”

Page 32: “As we all know, life is a series of ups and downs, and shortly after winning the Nobel Peace Prize, President Obama entered a stunning downward cycle that damaged his administration perhaps beyond repair.”

Page 52: “No Drama Obama. That image won’t work in the long run. The President has to step up his urgency level if he wants to be Two-Termer Obama.”

Page 89: “It is true…that there comes a time when an overall assessment has to be made of a leader. That day of reckoning may spell very bad news for Barack Obama. Because so many of his policies have been Far Left leaning, he is close to the point of no return unless the economy begins to soar.”

There are more of these moments in “Pinheads and Patriots,” as the Erik Wemple Blog chronicled in a previous post.

Who knows — O’Reilly’s prediction about Obama’s exposure on Syria may well turn out to be correct. If it doesn’t, it’ll have company.

(h/t Mediaite’s Josh Feldman)