Tina Brown and her husband, Harry Evans, in 2010. (Evan Agostini/Associated Press) Tina Brown and her husband, Harry Evans, in 2010. (Evan Agostini/Associated Press)

Via BuzzFeed staffer Peter Lauria comes a report that Daily Beast editor Tina Brown will be leaving her post come January, when her contract expires. “According to a source with direct knowledge of the situation, The Daily Beast parent company IAC owned by media mogul Barry Diller does not plan to renew Brown’s contract when it expires in January. The decision has been made for the two sides to part ways, said the source, but precise details of the separation are still being worked out,” writes Lauria.

The story follows a string of depressing stories surrounding the Daily Beast and its former joint-venture partner Newsweek. In late 2012, Newsweek bagged the print business; then, over the summer, Newsweek was sold to IBT Media. And in the spring, Brown fired Washington bureau chief Howard Kurtz after the veteran journo screwed up a story about NBA center Jason Collins. Weeks ago, Brown slimed Kurtz on Twitter after he tweeted a story chronicling Brown’s difficulties atop Daily Beast/Newsweek.

Diller has conceded that teaming the Beast with Newsweek was a “mistake.”

The fate of the Daily Beast following Brown’s departure is uncertain, reports Lauria. Sale, closure or continued operations under a new editor are among the options: “The financials need to make some sense,” a source tells the reporter.

Okay, but it’s also more than that: Someone needs to define what the Daily Beast is.

Meanwhile: Politico is reporting that Brown will run her own company, Tina Brown Live Media.