Tina Brown and her husband, Harry Evans, in 2010. (Evan Agostini/Associated Press) Tina Brown and her husband, Harry Evans, in 2010. (Evan Agostini/Associated Press)

Consistent with previous reports, Daily Beast editor Tina Brown will be leaving her post in the coming months and will launch her own gig under the banner of something called Tina Brown Live Media, a source close to Brown’s negotiations told the Erik Wemple Blog. Just what Tina Brown Live Media will be is a bit unclear right now — much the way the Daily Beast’s editorial focus has long been.

This source, however, was able to declare that part of Tina Brown’s new offerings will be something called “flash debates.”

Definition required. What are “flash debates”? “It’s bringing a group of people together in a quick time period doing topics of the day. … The upcoming fiscal situation or the upcoming implementation of Obamacare,” says the source. That sounds a lot like cable news to the Erik Wemple Blog. Will these quickie debates be on television, on the Web, on the radio? “I don’t want to characterize what the platform would be,” says the source. Surely that’d be giving away too much information.

Brown, said the source, will also walk away from her Daily Beast position with the “Women in the World” franchise, a conference program launched in 2010 by Brown in conjunction with Daily Beast/Newsweek. Of this enterprise, the source says, “It’s been so successful that they’re looking to expand it.”

Just what we journos love to hear about: A thriving conference business coupled with a faltering news outlet.

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