Piers Morgan (Jeff Schear/Getty Images) Piers Morgan (Jeff Schear/Getty Images)

CNN’s Piers Morgan takes full advantage of Twitter as a tool for promoting himself as well as for sniping at his opponents. Put the message below in the latter category, as Morgan suggests that he’s been having trouble snaring Wayne LaPierre, the National Rifle Association’s executive vice president and chief executive, to chat with him as part of his long-running polemical series on gun control:

The Erik Wemple Blog has no authority to speak for LaPierre, but like everyone in the Beltway, it can speculate! One guess as to why LaPierre may not be eager to appear on Morgan’s show is that he doesn’t want to be called an “unbelievably stupid man” and “idiots like you.” Such were the insults that Morgan heaped last December upon guest Larry Pratt of the Gun Owners of America. Perhaps LaPierre hasn’t heard that, following last week’s Washington Navy Yard shooting, Morgan had toned it down a touch.