Time to commend the fine professionals that run Fox Nation, an opinion-driven Web site in the family of Fox News Network properties. Though this blog has repeatedly ripped the Fox nation, Fox Nation this week showed the generosity of spirit to induct the Erik Wemple Blog as a Fox Nation contributor.

Not that anyone around here had anything to say about it. On Monday, we wrote a 597-word post on the departure of Frederick J. Ryan Jr. as CEO of Politico. Fox Nation found the post compelling enough to reprint the thing, minus about 200 words. Thanks, fellows. The Erik Wemple Blog is happy to join other media writers, including Poynter’s Andrew Beaujon and Politico’s Dylan Byers, whose work has been celebrated by Fox Nation with exhaustive, word-for-word rebroadcasting.

As the Erik Wemple Blog moves forward in its partnership with Fox Nation, we’ll be requesting a slight amendment to the headline that the Web site put on the top of our post: “Left-Wing Politico’s CEO Steps Down.” We never characterized Politico as such, instead merely stating that the outlet had been criticized as such. No doubt a random oversight by our new colleagues at Fox Nation.