Fox News’s new Fox News Deck, the glitzy, breaking-news area with enormous touchscreens, has had its intended impact: People (including this person) are agog at the convergence of slick Fox News anchor Shep Smith with slick technology. Almost as striking as the multichromatic environs of the Fox News Deck, though, is the apparently monochromatic tint of the people working in it. Have a look at the video: All of the folks who speak in it — Vice President of News Jay Wallace, Senior Executive Producer Kim Rosenberg, Senior Producer Jonathan Glenn, Vice President of Graphics Engineering Peter Blangiforti — appear to be white. Same for all of the folks working at those massive touchscreens. The Erik Wemple Blog did manage to spot two persons of color in the video, at the 1:53 and 2:12 marks, though it’s not clear what their roles may be. Perhaps Fox News is merely ensuring that its breaking-news staff reflect its audience.

An inquiry to Fox News PR on this question hasn’t yet been returned.