(Esam Omran al-Fetori / Reuters)

Poor Benghazi. The remarkable breakdown in U.S. anti-terrorism preparedness that took place on Sept. 11, 2012, was a true scandal and a blemish on American standing in the world — in spite of the efforts of Fox News to trivialize it via risible comparisons.

To wit: Steve Doocy earlier this month stretched to compare Benghazi with one of the wrinkles in the government shutdown: “As it turns out,” said the co-host of “Fox & Friends, “it looks as if more personnel were sent in to the World War II memorial to keep people out than the State Department sent to Benghazi.”

Moments ago on the Fox News afternoon roundtable “The Five,” Andrea Tantaros tried another Benghazi comparison.

A number of individuals who have current policies are getting dropped because the policies don’t meet the crazy new standards that HHS [has instituted]. And so what are these people having to do? They’re having to go into these exchanges. They can’t log on. They’re turning over all their privacy information. And the difference, though, between this and Benghazi: No one has died yet from Obamacare. But…this touches every single person. They can’t run from this. Even if the media never covers this again, people are figuring out when they’re getting their premiums.

Lesson: There is nothing that cannot be compared to Benghazi.