Sarah Braun is a logical candidate to cheer the arrival of Obamacare. The resident of Norwalk, Iowa, works 60 hours per week at three different employers — at a food-service joint, a grocery story and as a receptionist. Yet she gets her health-care insurance from her father’s plan. She is also 19, a critical data point when it comes to health insurance these days: Thanks to Obamacare, Braun should be able to stay on that plan until she turns 26, as opposed to getting kicked off, which is what happened under the old regime.

Yet Braun wants no part of Obamacare. She participated on Friday in the Erik Wemple Blog’s annual media survey of attendees at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C. Braun declared herself a fan of conservative radio host Steve Deace and of conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh. Of Limbaugh, Braun says, “My beliefs line up with what he believes,” especially on abortion, marriage and health care. On that last topic, says Braun, health benefits “shouldn’t be universal and shouldn’t be government-funded.”

As for her own future on the health-care front, Braun says she’ll be just fine. She’ll get her own plan, she says, once she starts putting in more hours at one of her employers. “I don’t think it should be something the government should step in on,” she says.