Stuart Varney (Fox News) Stuart Varney (Fox News)

Stuart Varney yesterday interviewed Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) on his attempt to strip the employer health-care contribution from congressional lawmakers, their staff and other high officials. In their talk, both of them referenced an “exemption” to Obamacare that doesn’t really exist, as the Erik Wemple Blog has made plain on many occasions. Of the officials targeted by the initiative, Varney said to Vitter: “They are not part of Obamacare the way the rest of us are, in the sense that they get, I think, a big subsidy. You want that ended and I think a lot of our viewers, I know, are very much on your side, sir.”

Bold text added to highlight key words. Instead of calling it a “big subsidy,” Varney could have explained that it’s merely the employer contribution that these officials and their employees have been getting all along — and that a majority of American workers receive as well. But that would have informed — not inflamed — viewers. And that’s not an option.

Watch the video here.