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Eighth in a massive series on the media’s treatment of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

We’ve been here before: Hillary Rodham Clinton lands in a major U.S. city for a speech. Her team bars the media from the speech. Local media documents the firm stiff-arm from Clinton Inc.

Happened in Miami. Happened in Atlanta. Now the San Francisco Chronicle’s Carla Marinucci reports it’s about to happen in San Francisco.

The former secretary of state will be speaking at a mammoth Saturday event for the National Association of Realtors at San Francisco’s Moscone Center. And later that day, she’s scheduled to appear at a “Millennial Network” event to benefit the Clinton foundation, at San Francisco’s Regency Ballroom, Marinucci reports.

Both events will be closed to the press.

Clinton is known as a woman who adores challenges: She took on the country’s health-care crisis. She took on the Senate. She took on Barack Obama. She took on the frayed foreign relations of the United States.

Now she’s taking on the laws of informational gravity. According to Marinucci, the Realtors’ convention is drawing 22,000 people to San Francisco. Who knows exactly how many of those folks will gather for her keynote address, but the ex-senator has reason to believe that she can keep a lid on things. After all, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution had to scramble to piece together her recent Atlanta address after a similar media blackout. It conceded that reports from the session were “hearsay,” a characterization that doubtless pleased Team Clinton.

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