The Sarah Palin book tour rolls on. In our first installment on this juggernaut, the Erik Wemple Blog urged interviewers to avoid political jabber with the former Alaska governor, for the obvious reasons (i.e., rote, incomprehensible rants). Better to stick strictly to the topic of Palin’s new book, “Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas.”

David Brody of the Christian Broadcasting Network did just that. He placed this somewhat loaded question in front of the former Alaska governor: “Are you concerned about a war on Christmas (by the Obama administration) and to a degree, maybe larger, Christians in this country from this administration?”

Given the chance to defend Christmas, Palin attacked Obamacare. Here’s how she started her answer:

This administration, to tell you the truth, David, I don’t know what they’re doing right. I honestly cannot think of a policy that is working when you consider what the foundation of their policies would be. Their policies have to do with building more and more government. The greater size of government, the less individual freedom that we would have. Take Obamacare, for instance….

Palin did indeed make a fleeting attempt at actually answering the question, saying that big governmentitis “can translate into the faith arena also. If this administration at all were to believe that they know best, they know what can be accepted and not accepted in the public square when it comes to expression of faith, then we certainly have an even greater problem than something like Obamacare.”

Always end with Obamacare.

Brody tells the Erik Wemple Blog that it’s “not my job” to say if there is or isn’t a war on Christmas coming from the White House.