During its daytime hours, Fox News purports to present objective news. Consider that factor when watching the video above, in which Fox News host Martha MacCallum chats with Brit Hume about the rough rollout of Obamacare. After inventorying some of the initiative’s problems, MacCallum says, “So, it goes back to what I keep coming back to in all of this, is that unlike other issues, Katrina or the Iraq war that we’ve seen in…the past second term, this is something that touches so many people’s lives across the country and you don’t know whether the president’s going to be able to successfully dodge it.”

Hume, a Fox News senior political analyst, didn’t challenge the premise. “If you look at everything…it looks as if the forecast is for more heavy weather on Obamacare and that it’ll persist throughout this coming year and be a burden, a huge burden, on the backs of the Democratic Party.”

At Fox News, that’s not just the forecast; it’s also the institutional hope, as expressed by the boss himself.