Sneering greets everything related to Obamacare on Fox News, so there’s no reason to suppose that a new talking-points initiative from Organizing for Action (OFA) would be spared. OFA is the Obama campaign group that is pushing for the “agenda a majority of Americans voted for in 2012.” It’s now promoting a “Health Care for the Holidays” appeal in which it asks folks to leverage their holiday get-togethers to help family members find insurance coverage.

The materials assist the pro-Obamacare family leader in planning the conversation and starting it, among other points. From OFA: “This holiday season, millions of Americans have a chance to get quality, affordable health insurance—many for the first time. If you have family members who are uninsured, you can play a big part in helping them find coverage that works for them. It might not always seem like it, but your family listens to you. So have the talk.”

There’s something wrong with all that, said Jonah Goldberg, a Fox News contributor and editor-at-large of National Review. In a chat this morning with Fox News host Bill Hemmer, Goldberg held forth: “What I really don’t like, though, is this sort of creepy, instinctive impulse to intrude politics and the government into every nook and cranny of our lives.”

Problem: You can’t say that with a straight face while drawing a paycheck from a 24-7 cable news channel.

(h/t Mediaite)