For a couple of weeks there, the operative question among MSNBC watchers was this: Was Martin Bashir’s contrite apology for his vile remarks about Sarah Palin sufficient? Or did he deserve to be bounced out of his job?

Yesterday supplied something of an answer. Bashir resigned. Or “resigned.” The first sentence of a statement from MSNBC President Phil Griffin was this: “Martin Bashir resigned today, effective immediately.

So he’s gone.

Yet, “‘Fox & Friends” host Elisabeth Hasselbeck today asked Palin, “Obviously his comments were hurtful and wrong. Do you think resigning is enough? He did apologize. He resigned instead of being fired. Was that enough?” Palin responded that she’d accepted Bashir’s apology and also credited the media for abhorring Bashir’s behavior.

But just what additional steps was Hasselbeck thinking about here? What other consequences should Bashir suffer?