Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch in 1996, at a press conference announcing the creation of Fox News. (AP Photo/Richard Drew, file)

The Erik Wemple Blog rarely receives responses to the requests that we send to the Fox News PR operation, which is why we experienced a brief moment of delight yesterday. After sending an interview request to Fox News PR honcho Irena Briganti, a reply came right back! An automated reply, that is. It said, in part, “I will be out of office until January 2. If this is re: FOX News, please contact Dana Klinghoffer at [e-mail] or Carly Shanahan at [e-mail].”

We followed orders and passed along the request to Klinghoffer, who also replied right away: “I will be out of the office through January 3rd. During this time, please contact Carly Shanahan at [e-mail].”

OK, it all now rested on Shanahan, who also got right back to us: “I am currently out of the office, returning Monday, December 30th. For any media inquiries while I am away, please reach out to Dana Klinghoffer at [e-mail].”

So: Who’s going to take on the tough work of not replying to our media request?