Cold outside? Then it’s time for Fox News to trot out its rebuttals of global warming, and it’s also time for Jon Stewart of the “The Daily Show” to get earnestly upset about the network’s cold-equals-no-global-warming contentions. He showed a clip of Fox’s Stuart Varney on Jan. 2 saying, “Looks to me like we’re looking at global cooling. Forget this global warming. That’s just my opinion.”

Stewart freaked out: “Yeah, your [expletive] opinion. That’s your opinion. It means nothing . . . It’s your opinion: Yeah, based on its flavor, I think lead paint is good to drink. That’s my opinion. Peeing into a fountain at the same time as another person is a good way to switch souls with them. That’s my opinion.”

Another Fox News highlight cited by Stewart came from a Donald Trump chat on “Fox & Friends.” The Donald said this: “This winter is brutal. I mean, I’m in New York right now. The airports were closed, everything’s closed. It’s freezing.” He spoke of “this whole global warming hoax.” Trump & Co. are having trouble with a really difficult concept articulated by The Post’s Brad Plumer: “It’s horribly cold outside. The planet’s still warming.”