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In an attempt to get Gabriel Sherman, unauthorized biographer of Fox News chief Roger Ailes, to prove that his new book, “The Loudest Voice in the Room,” is a fair-and-balanced look at its subject, Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert asks the author to say something “positive and nice” about the guy. Sherman responds by mentioning the more than 80 employees who followed Ailes out the door of NBC before he launched Fox News. “The people who work for Ailes love him,” said Sherman. “He is a charismatic leader.”

Later in the interview, Sherman expanded on the theme: “They love and they fear him.” That’s even more fair and balanced.

When Sherman noted that he’d spent three years interviewing upwards of 600 folks to get a nuanced view of the network boss,  Colbert responded: “But why did you do that. Didn’t you learn anything from Fox News? You decide what you want the story to be and just only talk to the people who support it.”