Roger Ailes (Rob Kim/Getty Images)

In an interview with HuffPost Live, Gabriel Sherman, author of the just-released biography of Roger Ailes “The Loudest Voice in the Room,” talks about how skeptical he had to be in reporting the book:

I always knew that any story you work on, sources have motivations, but I knew especially with this story, that sources might be playing a double game, even a triple game….coming to me, finding out what I know, going back to Roger, playing both sides off of each other. And so, I just knew that there was lots of possibility for deception going on. And I had several sources reach out to me, where I knew that they were emissaries of Ailes’s. And so I had to be very careful, because I knew that while Ailes wouldn’t sit down with me, he was sending out these scouts throughout the process…and he was trying to fish and find my sources, I think, to do these witch hunts.

The author recounts receiving a message from an anonymous e-mailer. “Is this Ailes, is this someone working for Ailes trying to plant misinformation with me?…Ailes would love nothing more than to try to plant something,” said Sherman, noting a tidbit from the book “Murdoch’s World” by NPR’s David Folkenflik wherein Fox News pushed a bogus tip on a reporter, then ridiculed him when he published it.