Roger Ailes (Rob Kim/Getty Images)

Fox News chief Roger Ailes has conceded that he didn’t “do a lot of web at Fox News.” does the basics, hosting videos from Fox News shows, offering stories from network reporters and otherwise posting content from other providers, including the Associated Press. There’s not a ton of personality to it all.

Yet there’s a lot of personality at, the blogging platform of Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren. GretaWire has long been a favorite of the Erik Wemple Blog, and today the author again proved why. Just check out the title of the post she published this afternoon: “What is wrong with this guy? He is such a jerk! He is a repeat offender!”

First reason why this post is so great: Van Susteren interviews guests; Van Susteren plans programs; Van Susteren obsesses over law and justice in America; Van Susteren apparently has no understanding of search-friendly headlines. Not that many people searching on Google for “wrong jerk repeat.” Refreshing.

Second reason why this post is so great: Van Susteren is a cable news host, a combative industry in which hosts often engage in nasty spats with guests and other hosts. This is a perfect web adaptation of this media culture.

Third reason why this post is so great: The gist of the post is that conservative commentator and Red State editor Erick Erickson is a jerk. Others doubtless hold the same conviction, yet Erickson is a Fox News contributor, and so technically a colleague of Van Susteren. Cable news culture — and Fox News in particular — frowns on intramural mudslinging. So this is wonderful.

Fourth reason why this post is so great: Van Susteren apparently forgot about this “jerk.” She states in today’s post regarding Erickson:

PS – I read someplace that he was a CNN contributor and is a Fox News contributor. He has never been on TV with me. His name sounded familiar and I checked back on GretaWire and I blogged about him once before May 30, 2013. CLICK HERE

This is the sort of digital content of which Fox News needs more.