Pierre Omidyar is the eBay founder who’s funding First Look Media, the general-interest news site that includes Glenn Greenwald. In a just-released video, Omidyar discusses what he’s looking to do with his new venture:

*He’s looking to pull off a “marriage between a technology company and a new kind of newsroom.”

*He’s looking to “make it easier for journalists to deliver the transformative stories we all need.”

*He’s going to provide a general-interest site — entertainment, sports, politics, business and the like.

*He’s going to launch a “family of digital magazines.” Each one will be piloted by a “visionary, experienced journalist.”

*He’s going to give journalists “everything they need to do their jobs well — the freedom to travel, legal protection when they need it, new and innovative technology and the rarest resource of all: The time and organizational backing to develop their skills.”

*He’s still not quite sure how the revenue model will work: “How does a company support itself given such ambition? We’re figuring that out. We’ll experiment with new and old revenue sources and create entirely new ones.”

*He wants to “ensure that journalism has a healthy future.”

To sum up: Here’s a guy who’s going to send platoons of journalists around the country and the world in pursuit of stories that’ll contribute to the “greater good,” and he’s doing it before figuring out how the outfit is going to generate money. Any more billionaires like this guy around?