Fox News Channel’s Stephen Hayes, executive producer Doug Rohrbeck, and Bret Baier

Bret Baier anchors “Special Report w/ Bret Baier” on Fox News. It’s the network’s flagship evening newscast and it has earned plaudits from many folks in the industry for being straight up, or at least as straight up as you can get on a network dedicated to killing Obamacare and the like. Whatever the case, Baier himself has managed to keep his own politics hidden from at least one fan who posed a question on the host’s Facebook Q&A this afternoon:

Leah A. Staudt Hi Bret, I have to say you are the best in the business and unfortunately a dying breed. My questions is on what side of the political aisle do you lean?

Bret Baier thank you.. I truly try not to lean.. and while I have thoughts and feelings about things..(we’re not robots) I try to keep them to myself.. I am a registered independent

Chalk up a victory for the “view from nowhere,” the doctrine that journalism critic Jay Rosen once described this way: “In pro journalism, American style, the View from Nowhere is a bid for trust that advertises the viewlessness of the news producer.” With his articulation of this view, Baier has plenty of company among U.S. media companies.

The other upshot from the Facebook Q&A is that every Fox News host should do a Facebook Q&A right now. Here’s a representative sample “question”:

Lori Bryant I don’t have a question, but just wanted to tell you I love your show! Look forward to it everyday. Thank you!


Irene Vandegrift I see posts on facebook all the time from my friends and they are always slaming Fox. I don’t understand why. I have been a democrat all my life but as I get older my views have changed. And I am not a democrat anymore. Why do democrats find it out to slander Fox news all the time?