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Sarah Palin hammers BuzzFeed following Trump story

Last week’s profile of Donald Trump by BuzzFeed reporter McKay Coppins really wasn’t so great. Titled “36 Hours On The Fake Campaign Trail With Donald Trump,” the story ripped the real estate mogul for toying repeatedly with runs for political office — a decades-long “charade” that Coppins exposed. Along the way, he made churlish comments about Trump’s aides — “yes-men” — and elbowed the subject at every pass.

Had the Trump people ignored the story, not a soul would be talking about it. But they did the opposite, complaining about its factual and tonal integrity; shaking up the Trump staff over the piece; and, of course, tweeting:

And now! Look here at this headline from Breitbart News: “EXCLUSIVE — PALIN CALLS FOR BOYCOTT AFTER BUZZFEED HIT PIECE ON TRUMP.” Indeed, Palin gives Breitbart this quote: “This nervous geek isn’t fit to tie the Donald’s wingtips. Don’t ever give him attention again.”

It’s unclear how those words amount to calling for a boycott. In any case, Palin might consider updating her attack language. Thanks to the tech revolution, “geek” has slid off the common roster of insults.