Scott Brown watches a Native American drum ritual at a dinner commemorating Martin Luther King Jr. last year in Nashua. (Will Wrobel/Nashua Telegraph via Associated Press)

Confusion today erupted over the status of former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown vis-a-vis Fox News, where he has worked as a contributor for a year. The Boston Globe reported that Brown was “out of contract” with the network. That news prompted yet more discussion about Brown’s possible run for a Senate seat in New Hampshire, where he is now a resident, or even president of the United States.

As The Post’s Aaron Blake reports today, Brown has, in fact, renewed his contract. A statement from Fox News executive Bill Shine firms things up:

“Sen. Brown has renewed his contributor agreement with Fox News. The previous yearlong agreement expired on Feb. 11 and was never terminated — this was purely administrative. We look forward to his continuing political analysis and insight across the network.”

Whew! So Brown will have more opportunities to hop on Fox News and . . . market himself, much as he did, for example, on Feb. 4’s edition of “Your World with Neil Cavuto” (video at bottom). The segment came after Brown had taken a frigid ocean plunge for charity, and a photographer caught him looking vibrant and shirtless. Cavuto compared Brown’s topless bona fides to that of “a certain other Massachusetts guy.” That guy being John F. Kennedy, a famous post-swim photo of whom Fox News plopped on the screen for the benefit of viewers.

The two men talked about this stuff for a bit:

CAVUTO: With all the other candidates who might be running, let’s say for president, you might be the best looking and that might be helping you.
BROWN: Well, Neil, listen, I’m very flattered. I wish I still looked like I did when I was 22 years old. But elections are about more than look. They’re about ideas. They’re about problem-solving. They’re about. . . .
CAVUTO: Yes, no, no, no, no.
BROWN: It’s all true. It’s all true, Neil.
CAVUTO: John Kennedy had plenty of talent and all that, but he also knew he was a good-looking guy. And I think we still live in a society that values such things.

In light of such coverage, what politician-in-abeyance wouldn’t renew his contract?