Forbes media reporter Jeff Bercovici has completed an expansive Playboy interview with Gawker Media founder Nick Denton. Smart choice: Denton has never particularly cared whom he offends, a sensibility that explains his sites’ willingness to venture into territory that mainstream outlets consider tawdry or prurient or simply, we don’t do those kinds of stories. When asked whether he set a “lower value” on privacy than others, Denton responded, “I don’t think people give a [expletive], actually.” Along the way, Denton bashed his industry’s favorite social-media platform.

PLAYBOY: The secret-spilling-machine part seems self-evident. As for the liberalizing part, there’s a lot of data that says essentially the more information people have, the more entrenched they become in their own views — the more they suffer from confirmation bias. DENTON: Obviously sometimes you go on Facebook and it’s totally one-note and there’s no real discussion or argument. You can have a debate on Twitter, but I’ve never seen anyone persuaded there. Twitter is bad for our intellectual health. That’s something I would like to do something about. It would be nice to have a civil place for argument. It should be like a good seminar — in an English university, where people actually disagree, not an American one.

Hold on here, Denton wants to persuade people? Now there’s a dream.