ATLANTA, GA - JANUARY 12: Sean Hannity attends The Boortz Happy Ending at The Fox Theater on January 12, 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for WSB Radio) Sean Hannity (Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

The Erik Wemple Blog this morning wrote a post noting that Fox News host Sean Hannity had pummeled Virginia Democratic congressional candidate Mike Dickinson, who’d accused Fox News of perpetrating lies and called for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to monitor the network. Our post observed that Hannity exploited the sweeping and unqualified nature of Dickinson’s criticism — yes, the irony of a Fox Newser criticizing someone else for open-ended statements — and otherwise gave the politician no chance to get on track.


And Hannity didn’t even have time to fillet Dickinson for absurdly proposing FCC monitoring of Fox News.

A reader then e-mailed us about the post:

You are a Fox news apologist. How can anyone, particularly a “journalist,” defend a “news” agency that was created by Roger Ailes as “GOP TV?” You are a sellout and so is the Washington Post for allowing you to print such drivel. A good part of the reason this country’s in such deplorable shape is that the rest of the media continues to give serious attention to what GOP TV is propagandizing. I will admit that they have serious journalists at that outlet, but a news agency can’t/shouldn’t be part-time serious and expect to be labeled legitimate. Fox should be paying you and others like you who legitimize their scurrilous behavior.

When we reminded the reader of various tough-on-Fox-News posts, the reader e-mailed back:

I know you’re critical of Fox, almost everyone is. The point I was trying to make was that they shouldn’t ever be edified, as your article does, when they are an illegitimate news agency.

That approach seems unnecessarily punitive. Give credit when it’s due.