Hillary and Chelsea Clinton during the annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative in New York on Sept. 24. (Jin Lee/Bloomberg) Hillary and Chelsea Clinton during the annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative in New York on Sept. 24. (Jin Lee/Bloomberg)

It’s one thing when critics of the mainstream media argue that reporters provide boosterish, gushing coverage of prominent Democratic politicians. It’s quite another when aides to such politicians say essentially the same thing.

That brings us to the just-released bunch of documents from the Clinton Presidential Library. Tucked into the pile is an Aug. 30, 1995, memo from aide Lisa Caputo in advance of the then-first lady’s trip to China and Mongolia. Helpfully included in the memo is something of a scouting report on the reporters that’d be accompanying Hillary Clinton on the trip. (See it all on p. 132).

Here are some highlights:

1. Terry Hunt, AP — Chief White House correspondent. He is a ~fan of yours and therefore he will have high expectations. He is very fair and an all around good person.

2 Larry McQuillan, Reuters — White House correspondent. Second to Gene Gibbons. Larry has the reputation for being one of if not the nicest reporters in the White House Press Corps. He interviewed you last winter about your work on behalf of the Gulf War veterans and wrote a very positive story.

3. Andrea Mitchell, NBC —  Former White House correspondent. She was replaced by Brian Williams, whom NBC is grooming to take over for Tom Brokaw. Andrea now covers the State Department. She is very aggressive and a very good reporter.

4. Claire Shipman, CNN — White House correspondent. She is CNN’s newest White House hire, covering the White House with Wolf Blitzer and Jill Doherty. Claire was’ with us on our trip to South Asia. She is very fair and positive toward you. She is also very easy going.

5. Ann Compton, ABC — White House correspondent. Second to Brit Hume. Ann has covered the White House for years, usually doing spots for Good Morning America. Ann can be aggressive, but is usually very fair. I believe we made her a Hillary fan on the South Asia trip.

6. Martha Teichner, CBS General correspondent. Has done a large amount of foreign reporting. Martha was with us on the trip to south Asia and did a number of very positive stories on you and your trip for CBS This Morning. She is still talking about how wonderful the South Asia trip was.

7. Hillary stout, Wall Street Journal — White House correspondent. Covers the White House with Mike Frisby. Hillary came to the White House beat within the past month or so replacing Rick Wartzman. Prior to coming to the White House, Hillary covered health care and was one of the reporters who did the most balanced and most in depth coverage·of the debate. She interviewed you last fall and wrote a positive profile piece which appeared on the front page of the Wall Street Journal.

There’s a bit more to the memo, but you get the drift: Nothing to fear from these folks.

(h/t Philip Rucker)