What was once “Project X,” the news-site-in-abeyance of former Washington Postie Wonkblogger Ezra Klein, now has an official, monosyllabic name title, Vox(.com). It’s part of Vox Media, which features other name-brand sites including SB Nation, The Verge and Polygon. In a post last night on the Vox Web site, Klein’s new venture stated its mission, “Explain the news.”

That’s not news, but Vox.com isn’t about breaking news, for that matter: “The media is excellent at reporting the news and pretty good at adding commentary atop the news,” reads part of an explainer about the explanatory site. “What’s lacking is an organization genuinely dedicated to explaining the news. That is to say, our end goal isn’t telling you what just happened, or how we feel about what just happened, it’s making sure you understand what just happened.”

Bold text added to highlight something to watch: Few news outlets have ever succeeded in keeping their opinions from seeping into their coverage — nor should they. We’ll see how the Voxers handle this non-goal.

One good sign: The explainer says, “We’re not going to get caught up in talmudic debates about what does and doesn’t count as ‘news.'”