Now Bill O’Reilly is sounding desperate. How many times now since the start of the Malaysia Airlines story has he devoted a segment to hammering the media — mainly CNN — for obsessing over the missing jetliner? We’re starting to lose count. In any case, O’Reilly’s answer to CNN’s wall-to-wall reporting on the story is wall-to-wall whining about its coverage of the story. Backed up by a nice helping of sanctimony, that is: In last night’s sermon, O’Reilly slighted the networks for steering clear of Benghazi, Libya, and the IRS in favor of the more neutral MH370.

Though he said there’s nothing wrong with covering the missing airliner, “when media begins to pander to the audience and fabricate things, then there is a problem.” He signed off by asking whether the media was being “honest and courageous.” Cable viewers don’t get to see this spectacle too often — O’Reilly feeling threatened by rival cable outlets. Please excuse the Erik Wemple Blog for going wall-to-wall on O’Reilly’s on-air squirming. It’s just too fun to behold.