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‘Daily Show’: MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ protects the powerful

‘The Daily Show’ issued something of a correction this morning. Host Jon Stewart started a segment by saying that the cable dial had something in the morning for all Americans: “Fox & Friends” for the heartland American; CNN’s “New Day” for those waiting at the DMV. Then: “But if you want the inside scoop on Washington’s power players, look no further than MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe,’ ” Stewart said, before being interrupted by Samantha Bee.

” ‘Morning Joe’ is not a morning news show,” said Bee, who continued, ” ‘Morning Joe’ is a family.”

What followed was another of Bee’s brilliant solo skits in which she acts out the internal dynamics of a cable TV show, much as she did with Fox News’s “The Five.” The performance defies encapsulation, so the Erik Wemple Blog won’t particularly try, outside of this bit of shorthanding: “Morning Joe,” in Bee’s formulation, is a like a somewhat functional family in which the kids — chiefly men, in Bee’s telling — seek to please the patriarch (host Joe Scarborough). And they all take pains to protect the powerful, particularly New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. “Oh sure,” concludes Bee. “My ‘Morning Joe’ family may fight and bicker and star**** like nobody’s business. But when the chips are down for one of our powerful friends, we pull together to attack anyone who questions them, because that’s what morning news shows do.”

Among the family members highlighted in Bee’s presentation was Politico eminence Mike Allen, whose coziness with the “Morning Joe” folks was discussed in this space last year.