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MH370 coverage: CNN’s ‘Crossfire’ remains on ‘hiatus’

These days on CNN, anchor Wolf Blitzer has been talking about ocean debris, frustrating searches, “pings,” black-box battery life and so on. Amid all the talk about missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, Blitzer also commonly advises readers of a schedule change: “‘Crossfire’ won’t be seen tonight.”

Back on March 10, just two days after the flight vanished, CNN allowed “Crossfire” gunners Marc Lamont Hill and S.E. Cupp to fight over Obamacare and other matters with guests Bernie Sanders and Rick Santorum. Since then, CNN has realized that assigning Blitzer and his “Situation Room” to continue blabbing from 5 to 7 p.m. about MH370 is a strategy preferable to political discourse.

When the Erik Wemple Blog asked CNN today where on earth is “Crossfire,” this reply came back: “It’s been on temporary hiatus while we’ve been in continuing coverage for developments in Ukraine and Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. We’re taking the decision day-by-day.” Note that the official response stressed Ukraine, and indeed Blitzer did cover that situation tonight. Despite a ho-hum performance in the ratings, however, “Crossfire” wouldn’t have lacked for material tonight, given the frenzy over Obamacare’s enrollment deadline.