Fox News yesterday took a pounding among critics for putting up a misleading chart about Obamacare. Here it was, as revealed by Media Matters for America:


The numbers were right, the proportions were off. Six million is not one-third of 7 million-plus. The chart appeared to channel the network’s most deeply held wishes — namely, that President Obama’s key domestic program had a LONG way to go before reaching its enrollment goals.

This morning, the network made clear that it is listening. It posted a correction of the chart, along with an explanation from host Bill Hemmer: “Programming note, yesterday around this time you might have seen a graphic on the Obamacare signup numbers. Here is what that graphic should have looked like: On the left it shows the six million singups reported for the administration as of March 27, compared to the target number of 7 million plus. That was our mistake, correction noted.”

Though Hemmer could have placed the bogus chart alongside the corrected chart — just for the sake of utterly full disclosure — he provided thorough on-air accountability.