Bill Hemmer (screengrab) Bill Hemmer (screengrab)

Fox News has announced that daytime anchor Bill Hemmer has signed a “multi-year contract” to stay with the network. For those who check out Fox News in the morning hours, Hemmer is the oh-so-smooth newsman who sits alongside Martha MacCallum in “America’s Newsroom.” And despite his recent slip-up over the alleged discovery of Noah’s Ark, Hemmer is a favorite of this blog. In an extensive rundown of Fox News’s daytime programming one year ago, we wrote, “Whether the story is budget-cutting, mass murder, non-mass murder or gooey human-interest, Hemmer dials up the perfect tone. Just check the archives of his live stuff in the wake of the Newtown shootings — not too detached, not too emotional, just right.”

In announcing Hemmer’s new contract, Fox News chief Roger Ailes remarked, “Bill Hemmer is a fantastic all-around newsman and a tremendous talent. One of his great gifts is his ability to work so well with everyone — there isn’t an hour in our news lineup that Bill couldn’t anchor. He’s the consummate team player.”

Bold text highlighted to formulate a dare to Ailes: Act on this bit of praise, and replace primetimer Sean Hannity with Hemmer!

We’ve argued for this sort of move before, when rumors surfaced that Fox News star Megyn Kelly, formerly a daytime anchor, was headed to a primetime slot. Boot Hannity, we urged. Fox News kind of complied with our wishes, bumping Hannity to 10 p.m. and inserting Kelly at 9 p.m. But pushing Hannity out of primetime altogether would constitute yet more progress — and, inevitably, less ridiculousness and less outrage that college students are drinking and having sex in Florida over spring break.

One slight complication with this plan is that Hannity is under contract with Fox News through the 2016 elections.