The breathtaking hiatus of CNN’s evening debate program “Crossfire” in favor of an extended “Situation Room” with Wolf Blitzer stretched into Tuesday night, marking the 21st day that the political debate program has been preempted since the onset of the network’s extensive coverage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Not that Fox News host Greta Van Susteren minds. On her fantastic Gretawire blog, Van Susteren applauded the network’s dedication to the story: “Do you really think, if CNN had not done so much coverage, with its big platform, that Malaysia, Australia and even our own country would have gone the extra mile looking for that flight? I don’t. I think they would have given up a long time ago.” Van Susteren suggested she was the “only one” to endorse CNN’s wall-to-wallism. No, the Erik Wemple Blog has also done likewise, though these two-hour “Situation Room” specials are starting to max things out.