Fox News’s Sean Hannity of late has been running segments deploring the excesses of college spring break, a handy smokescreen for running shot after shot of women in bikinis twerking. Chief cable news media critic Jon Stewart of “The Daily Show,” however, pointed out last night that there’s more to it than that: “Now, some of the more skeptical viewers might think this is less of a news story and more of a reason to spend a week running wildly inappropriate ‘T&A’ footage alongside pundits tsking said footage. But you’d only be 99.9 percent right.”

The rest of the motivation, suggested Stewart, was an “in-depth cautionary tale” about how parents are neglecting their duties by permitting their kids to engage in decadent behavior — sex, drugs, alcohol — in sun-splashed hotspots over spring break. But then, Stewart noted that some of the folks enlisted by Hannity to analyze this phenomenon were spring-break veterans themselves: “What kind of [bleep] parents let their kids go to spring break? Oh right, your [bleep] parents.”

As for all that Hannity footage of college women in bikinis, Stewart & Co. surely had no problem rebroadcasting it for his “Daily Show” audience. So there’s a reason that Hannity alighted on the story and Stewart ripped him for doing so: People love it, whether it’s presented by a rolling cast of moralizers or some hip comedian.