Fox News’s “Special Report with Bret Baier” addressed last night the possibility of a congressional investigation into Benghazi. In a panel discussion on the matter, commentator (and Post columnist) Charles Krauthammer brought an element of realpolitik to the matter:

It’s late, too late. This should have been a year ago, three, four more months ago. Politically speaking, the administration has won. They ran out the clock. If we had a select committee from the beginning, really had coherent hearings — unlike we’ve had, which were disjointed hearings that let all things sort of slip away — we really would have been somewhere. We would have gotten to the bottom of this. But as a political fact, this thing is done.

After some back and forth on the ins and outs of Benghazi, Baier circled back to Krauthammer’s take:

BAIER: Last thing. Is this over for you?
KRAUTHAMMER: This one? Benghazi?
BAIER: This topic?
KRAUTHAMMER: Look, I really am upset about what happened. There were lies and dissimulations, and it was all done as a way to advance their political campaign. It’s a disgrace. But the fact is, as just a political issue, will the country rally to new sets of hearings? I think not. At the same time, our country is in deep trouble abroad and nobody is talking at all about that. And we’ve got to start talking about it. Whether it’s a successful campaign issue or not, I don’t know, but it’s important for the country.

Given that level of enthusiasm, it’s hard to see Baier scheduling a great deal of additional roundtable discussions on this Fox News staple. Another downer for Benghazi-as-an-issue: Today the Republican chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Rep. Howard “Buck” McKeon, pronounced himself “satisfied” with the U.S. military response to Benghazi.