Renowned investigative reporter Michael Isikoff is leaving NBC News. In a brief chat with the Erik Wemple Blog, Isikoff confirmed the news. We are now seeking details on the terms and causes of the split.

UPDATE 4:05 p.m.: Here is the statement from Richard Esposito, senior executive producer of the NBC News investigative unit: “Michael has done terrific work for NBC News on stories ranging from revealing which government official leaked the US Stuxnet virus attack on Iran’s nuclear program to a groundbreaking examination of the Obama Administration drone strike program. We’re grateful for all he’s done and wish him the very best.”

And here is what Isikoff just told the Erik Wemple Blog: “I had a good ride at NBC, and I’m glad I did this. But it’s fair to say there was a mutual agreement that this was a situation that was no longer working out.”