On his Fox News program yesterday, media reporter Howard Kurtz aired an important exchange with Sharyl Attkisson, the former CBS News investigative correspondent who last year made a very public issue of intrusions into her computers. When Kurtz asked whether she suspected that the hacking had come from the National Security Agency or “some outside organization,” Attkisson hedged a bit, saying that only her lawyer can address the matter, “and he’s not ready to speak to it yet.”

That said, Attkisson did provide a bit of information on the matter. “Numerous independent analysts,” she said, have confirmed what CBS News announced last June — namely that there have been “unauthorized intrusions by sophisticated entities of both my work computer and my home Apple computer.” Those are “hugely offensive,” Attkisson told Kurtz.

Then came this somewhat stunning revelation: There are “a number of investigations going on right now,” said Attkisson.

Please say more!

As issues go, this Attkisson-hacked-computer story is entering adolescence. It surfaced in grand fashion almost a year ago, when Attkisson told radio host Chris Stigall about the intrusions, suggesting that they “could be” related to the same sort of government surveillance visited upon Fox News reporter James Rosen. In June, CBS News confirmed unauthorized breaches of Attkisson’s computer but did not release the name of the firm that conducted the forensics. Shortly thereafter, Attkisson appeared on Fox News and said “I think I know” the who breached the computers.

As for the timeline on new revelations, Attkisson promised something “before the end of the year.” We’re waiting!