Sometimes media organizations do way too much to help people make fun of them.

Last week, for example: Chelsea Clinton announced that she was pregnant. A happy news development, for sure, and one that pundits just couldn’t avoid discussing in the context of grandmother-to-be Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential ambitions, as “The Daily Show’s” Jon Stewart noted last night.

“Everybody’s wondering what impact it might have on Hillary Clinton’s decision to run for president,” said Chris Jansing on MSNBC.

“Does the fact that she’s going to become a grandmother, on top of some of the other considerations, factor in?” asked NBC News’s David Gregory.

“Could it put a bump in Hillary’s 2016 plans,” asked an ABC News program, “and is it sexist to ask?”

No, not at all, snickered Stewart. Think of Mitt Romney, who in Stewart’s formulation, has a “litter of grandchildren … a grandchild petting zoo.” Yet the grandchild “factor,” thundered Stewart, “never came up” in the 2012 election.

Is there a sexist double standard at work here? Sure thing — that, plus a large dose of desperation, of yearning for 2016 to get here already.