The “Daily Show’s” Jon Stewart last night highlighted a “moment of Zen” that occurred on Monday’s edition of “The Five,” the roundtable discussion program on Fox News of which the Erik Wemple Blog is a longtime fan. Check out the clip above — it’s short. Here’s what happens: “The Five” panel is discussing alleged efforts by the Obama administration to deflect responsibility for the Benghazi terrorist attack of Sept. 11, 2012. “They know they’re guilty,” says Kimberly Guilfoyle of the Obama people.

Eric Bolling then jumps into the mix, with this comment: “There’s one more piece to this. Don’t forget — this was prior — prior — to Osama bin Laden being taken down, and the thought was and the discussion was, ‘Is President Obama going into the reelection soft on terror or not?’ A lot of people were saying…”

At that point, someone on the set of “The Five” quietly interrupted Bolling. “It was after?” he said. “Was it after?” Indeed, the Benghazi attack occurred in September 2012, and bin Laden was killed in May 2011, undermining the political analysis that Bolling was attempting.

The glory of the roundtable format saved the moment. Bolling was stopped mid-point, and he abandoned the line of argument: “I take it back,” he said. Instantaneous correction!

One of Bolling’s co-hosts wrapped up with this comment: “But a great point if it were true.”