In a debate on the couch of the Fox News program “Outnumbered,” commentator and Daily Caller Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson battled his four female counterparts over the gender-equality implications of Jill Abramson’s ouster from the executive editorship of the New York Times. At one point, Carlson, referencing workforce dynamics, said, “Go try and hire a male journalist. You can’t find any!”

He also said that one in six American men is unemployed. “We need to catch up to the reality of modern life, which is that men are failing.”

After BuzzFeed’s Dorsey Shaw posted that bit, Twitter responded. For example:


Twitter tends to catch the more sensational moments of every conversation on cable TV. But take the time to watch the six minutes of the full “Outnumbered” segment on the Abramson-New York Times story. It’s a triumph of format — four women facing off against a perfect foil who proclaims at one point that he’s “pro-women.” The group sounds as if it could spend an entire show on the topic, and it should.