A harrowing shootout took place today outside a north Georgia courthouse, as a man sought to enter the building with explosives and an assault rifle. Authorities killed the man before he could do more damage, said Duane Piper, the Forsyth County Sheriff, according to CNN.

The man was Dennis Marx.

An e-mail breaking news alert from CNN  got half the name right; it called him “Richard Marx.” The network jumped right on the correction: 

From: CNN Breaking News [mailto:BreakingNews@mail.cnn.com]
Sent: Friday, June 06, 2014 2:07 PM
To: textbreakingnews@ema3lsv06.turner.com
Subject: CNN Breaking News

 CORRECTION: A previous CNN Breaking News e-mail alert wrongly identified the shooter as Richard Marx. The correct name is Dennis Marx.

A CNN spokesman says that the misinformation went out only on the network’s e-mail alert system, which reaches approximately one million addressees. It didn’t surface on CNN’s app alerts, a much bigger destination of approximately 40 million downloads. Nor did it make it onto the CNN wire or television, said the spokesman.

No TV network mistake — no matter the originating platform — escapes mocking on Twitter, which filled up with jokes about singer-songwriter Richard Marx, famous in part for his hit “Right Here Waiting.”




No word yet on just how this Marxist error came about at CNN; we’ve asked for the backstory. According to his media rep, Richard Marx has been off the grid today and is unreachable. He has an album coming out on July 8 titled “Beautiful Goodbye.”