Sen. John McCain may not resurface on Fox News for a bit.

On Neil Cavuto’s afternoon show today, the former prisoner of war in North Vietnam was asked to shed some context on the difficulties of Bowe Bergdahl, the Army sergeant who spent five years in captivity in Afghanistan and has just returned to the United States. After discussing the particulars of Bergdahl’s reentry, Cavuto noted that there’s some controversy surrounding his case, controversy that Bergdahl may not have heard about. Was McCain aware of the Vietnam-related strife while he was in captivity? McCain answered:

Yeah, because we would have newer pilots shot down and we would communicate with them and keep up. And of course we had this wonderful radio program, much like Fox — it was totally unbiased and fair and balanced. We called it “Hanoi Hannah.” They would play this propaganda to us and if you listened you could read through the….

After McCain said “totally unbiased and fair and balanced,” he cracked himself up, really, really laughing about his little elbow at his host’s employer. Cavuto didn’t appear amused.

A 2005 McCain profile in the New Yorker makes reference to McCain’s affinity for this voice of North Vietnamese radio propaganda. “I used to love to listen to Hanoi Hannah. Every once in a while, they’d play a decent song. Somebody left a bunch of old Louis Armstrong records in Hanoi for some reason, and if they played those it was great,” said the senator.