CNN prides itself on doing thorough, tough and unbiased patdowns of politics, crime and current events.

Just don’t expect to see that formula Sunday night at 9 p.m., when CNN will broadcast something called “41ON41.” According to a press release, this piece of work will provide a “unique, multidimensional profile of President George H. W. Bush, the 41st President of the United States, from 41 extraordinary storytellers who know the president best.”

Have a look at the loyalties of those 41 storytellers, per the release:

Roger Ailes – former campaign advisor to Bush
James A. Baker III – former secretary of state for Bush
Susan Baker – wife of James Baker, longtime family friend
Jean Becker – post-presidential chief of staff for Bush
Tom Brokaw – former anchor, NBC Nightly News
Billy Busch – fishing companion
George W. Bush – 43rd president of the United States
Jeb Bush – former governor of Florida
Jeb Bush Jr. – Bush’s grandson
Marvin Bush – Bush’s son
Neil Bush – Bush’s son
Pierce Bush – Bush’s grandson
Andrew Card -– former White House deputy chief of staff for Bush
Buddy Carter – White House butler
Dana Carvey – comedian
Bill Clinton – 42nd President of the United States
Michael Dannenhauer – former personal aide to Bush
David Demarest – former White House communications director for Bush
Sgt. First Class Michael Elliott – U.S. Army Golden Knight
Marlin Fitzwater – former White House press secretary for Bush
Robert Gates – former director of the CIA under Bush
Bruce Gelb – classmate of George Bush at Phillips Andover Academy
Boyden Gray – former White House legal counsel for Bush
Brit Hume – former senior White House correspondent at ABC News
Sarah Jackson – alumna, Bush School of Government and Public Service
Doro Bush Koch – Bush’s daughter
Mike Krzyzewski (“Coach K”) – Duke University men’s basketball coach
John Magaw – former director of the U.S. Secret Service
John Major – former British prime minister
David McCullough – historian and author
Adm. DeWolfe Miller – former commander of the U.S.S George H. W. Bush
Jim Nantz – sports commentator
Barack Obama – 44th president of the United States
Arnold Palmer – Hall of Fame golfer
Gen. Colin Powell – former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Bush
Gabe Pressman – WNBC-TV correspondent
Dan Quayle – 44th vice president of the United States
Condoleezza Rice – former special assistant to Bush for national security
Lt. Gen. Brent Scowcroft -– former national security advisor for Bush
Alan Simpson -– former U.S. senator from Wyoming
John H. Sununu -– former White House chief of staff for Bush

See a pattern here?

Other fun facts: It’s co-executive produced by Mary Kate Cary, a former White House speechwriter for Bush (the other is renowned TV news producer Rick Kaplan). And it’s funded by the George Bush Presidential Library Foundation.

There are some mitigating circumstances afoot here. One, George H.W. Bush’s administration isn’t terribly controversial in the rearview mirror. Two, Bush just celebrated his 90th birthday, and his favorability rating is solid. Three, CNN isn’t trying to sneak this film onto the air as a piece of journalism; all the information about its point of view comes straight from CNN itself.

Retraction: Those aren’t mitigating circumstances; they merely explain why CNN hasn’t caught a wave of hell over handing over its airwaves to propaganda. If the network keeps it up, we’ll have to stop calling it a 24/7 news outfit. For this week, we’ll have to try 23/6, or something like that.

David Zurawik of the Baltimore Sun appropriately snarks:

I can’t wait for CNN to air “42ON42,” the Bill Clinton love song paid for by the Clinton Foundation (and all the Wall Street money that funds it) and produced by Jim Carville. That’s the one that will tell Clinton’s history without any mention of the intern he took sexual advantage of through his position of enormous power, the young woman his wife now denigrates and blames for her husband’s disgrace.

The Erik Wemple Blog will endorse “41ON41” and similar films on CNN’s airwaves provided that the network attaches a screen graphic saying, “CNN news standards are temporarily suspended.”