MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow tore into the Drudge Report last night following the news that the United States had captured a key alleged Benghazi suspect, Ahmed Abu Khattala, in a weekend raid. This key outpost of conservative Internet news, noted Maddow, has been “burning out its sirens” over the slightest bit of Benghazi news. Yet on Tuesday, a day of enormous Benghazi news, Maddow noted that the Drudge Report was fronting news of a certain business story:


I mean, for more than a year and a half now, the “Drudge Report” has been burning out its sirens and having to get new ones, freaking out about everything Benghazi related, hyping things that are not even about Benghazi in case they might have implications. Any time anything else breaks in the news, it`s a distraction from Benghazi. Well, today, they caught the guy who allegedly did Benghazi. Can you imagine how Drudge is going to deal with this news today? This was the headline for most of the day today on the “Drudge Report”. “Price of meat, chicken, and fish soaring to an all-time high.”

Interested in the same dynamic, the Erik Wemple Blog yesterday afternoon checked with some conservative sites to see how they were playing news of the Benghazi arrest. Here’s one screenshot:

Here’s another:

Fox News, by contrast, was featuring the news on its site, and one of its reporters was early to the news:

Maddow has every right to note the Benghazi coverage imbalance among conservative media outlets. Not that her own outlet hasn’t been cited for certain imbalances of its very own.

* Maddow is a Washington Post columnist.