Last week, NBC News slipped up momentarily and called its sit-down interview with Hillary Rodham Clinton an “exclusive” thing. It corrected itself and instead dubbed it an “extensive” interview.

The “e” word marches on, however, as Jon Stewart noted on “The Daily Show” last night. On Fox News, it was called a “Fox News exclusive” at least once. On CNN, it was called the “CNN town hall exclusive” and an “exclusive town hall event.” Of course, the CNN and the Fox News sessions with Clinton took place within hours of each other, both on Tuesday evening. “Wow, imagine that — two news networks expressly promoting exclusives with Hillary Clinton on the same day. It’s like words have no meaning.”

Just how exclusive is anything with Clinton these days? “A woman whose secretive nationwide book tour had restricted her access to NBC, CBS, ABC twice and the Arlington, Va., Costco,” noted Stewart, omitting Terry Gross of “Fresh Air.”